Every one of those times in a person’s life there are those days. Those game changing days that transform your world from the bottom up:

  • getting married
  • the death of a loved one
  • having a child

These are epic transitions where new life is brought on this planet typically through a union, departure, or creation. These are tangible identifications of the expansion of consciousness. They are matter being formed or destroyed. They are a new unit of life being created. Today we celebrate one of those days,

But this is not a marriage, or a death, or a birth. It is an awakening. Let me explain the difference. To do so, I must give you some context so that we are all on the same page. Today is 11/11. No big deal right. Wrong. Dead wrong. For so many reasons, but let’s just begin with the primary blunder.

One is that you think of yourself as an individual.

This is evident from the monumental changes I identified above.

  • You get married.
  • You lose a loved one.
  • You have a child.

Today is the epic advancement from a me to a we consciousness. 

Why is that?

You have too long slumbered in the illusion of individuality blind and irreverent to your divine mother and father which birthed you. The sun, the stars, the sky, the earth. You are made up of all of these. You are an experiment on the evolutionary edge of conscious exploration. You forgot home in your quest to expand.

Now you are returning home. You, as a collective planet are awakening, each of you a cell on the vast microcosm of space and time…. hurling through space at galactic speeds…..the speed of light pulses through your veins, through the planets, through your genes. 

But you have forgotten this, and it’s ok, in fact. There is no right or wrong here in this equation, just a mathematical reality of space and time. So, your hunk of conscious mass has entered a coronal zone in the universe where more beta waves are hitting the planet, this is creating spikes known as solar flares. No biggie, right? Wrong. 

When the baseline frequency of a planet elevated due to an influx in solar energy the innate intelligence on the planet starts to awaken. (kind of like a cosmic “Weekend With Bernie” moment)

So, you awaken from the summer of separation, lights turn on in your genes and awareness erupts. And I say erupt because for many of you in may, in fact feel light an eruption. For others it may be an ecstatic cataclysm. For others a rocketship of created possibility.Whatever your experience, you are responding to the same fundamental fact.

You are being awakened by energy.

Like a flower taking sprout after the winter frost and spring dew has melted, you awaken from a slumber created of your own making as an experiment in consciousness: an experiment with a time stamp determined by the rolling thunder of cosmic thrust through the realms of space and time.

What a wondrous celebration it is.

Now, I want to forewarn you. You’ve just entered a new stratosphere… and the rules here, well, they are quite different. So, I am sharing this message as a courtesy call to those enlightened (i.e. attuned to the light) so that you can hear.

You are going from a reaching to a receiving mode.

The outside world is a hologram of your own inner coding. As you open yourself to receive the waves of awareness, you awaken, and your codes open, ideas sprout, and consciousness expands. You are the birth of a new era in form.

You must simply learn how to operate your vehicle on this new floor. I have a lot of keys and tools to remind you of to make the journey more fun. Some of you may not want to play, and that’s ok too. Simply know it’s possible to enjoy this transition to the highest states of ecstasy -it depends on your capacity for neurological bliss.

Let’s restate this and address some common questions.

We've entered a new wave, there’s more energy, more awakening, more awareness and capacity for more bliss.

You may be saying, "I sure as hell don’t feel that."

  • Well, my love, you’ve simply got to clear yourself of those lower thoughts, vacuum the basement, open up the sunroof and lay out on the sundeck. Because the stars are shining down on you.The question is, do you have the awareness or capacity to receive.

"How do I navigate this thing?" You may ask.

  • You got to get into the cosmic rhythm of life, the stream of life force flowing towards you ad infinitum. You must swim in this current and allow it to ride you higher and allow you to soar. It’s your access out of the dark dinginess of scarcity and blindness To the illumination of a love beyond which you have never known. There are no enemies. We are all made from the same intelligent matter. Simply tune in to your cosmic code and you will ride the waves of dial tones and journeys to your greatest dreams.

You can’t even comprehend it in the mind, but I trust and know you can feel the message in your heart. 

The mind was never meant to be your north star, it was a backup plan to prevent you from injuring your mortal body. Your spirit was given a compass to navigate its physical form. Now you have come to rely on it exclusively and it's causing much more delay than necessary. This whole rise of ‘intuition’ over ‘rationalism’ is simply the activation of the spirit-based operating system that can rightly navigate you at high speeds. It’s like the different of dial up to wifi in your modern world. 

Let go of the programming of reason (oh and there are many to release) to open yourself up to trust these higher channels of information (that are truly just You in high def). 

I invite you to choose to shift the struggle and open up…. find a mentor or practice if you are unable to do it on your own. We’re all connected and many of you have been assigned the role of a teacher or mentor during this awakening. Wake up, find your teacher, find you practice… give yourself the benefit of navigating through these new times with those specially instructed to guide you. This information will not be found in any text book, per say. The true teacher will guide and activate the wisdom of your own heart through direct experience because they are committed to your evolution.

I pause for for now, in love, knowing that there is so much more coming through me to share. But this message shall be widely consumable to most -reaching those for whom it is meant, reminding you all of the time that is NOW.

If you are guided to work with me, do it. If you are guided to teach or coach, do it. Your teachings are encoded in your own livelihood -and you may need to glean from the wisdom of others more adept in the path as to how to navigate this new realm with grace and flow.

As the tidal wave of love is cresting and approaching -hop on and join the ride.