The Ignite Intensive

(1 full day of high-intensity transformation and exploration in your life + business, on Skype or in-person)


This is for the magnificent woman who:

  • Is a seasoned, service-oriented professional in her 1st - 3rd year, and knows it’s time to build the next level of her biz

  • Absolutely loves her work, her people, and her message - but finds herself crashing and burning every few months

  • Is done feeling overwhelmed by her work and personal life, and just wants to cut through the BS to find where she should really be pouring her energy

  • Thinks with her incredibly creative right brain, but needs left-brain systems and embodied integration to make her cutting edge concepts work in the real world

  • Feels prepared to understand what it really means to be present and held in a transformational space

  • Refuses to let another day fly by her, but needs a plan of action as her guide

  • Truly wants to know what’s working for her, what isn’t, and where she needs to make changes - but is confused when she tries to piece this together herself.

  • Is mentally and spiritually ready to break through to her next level of success in her business, and get clear about the obstacles in her way


And this is how we will play:

This incredible 1-day offering is a plunge into both your internal and external worlds; how fast you can adapt to things, how big you’re paying, and what you need to do to merge your passion with play, and mastery with money.

We’ll spend the morning examining your inner universe (your relationships, self-love, and the stories you cycle through, over and over), and the afternoon exploring your outer world (the weak and strong points in your business, your process with clients, and beyond.)

With a combination of energy tools, somatic healing, and creative expression practices, I’ll help you achieve the ultimate goal: clearing your past, so you can walk forward into your personal new wave of service; to your people, and the planet.

After our 1-day, we’ll also meet up for THREE 60-minute calls in the weeks that follow, at your desired scheduled time. This is our chance to review the strategy we’ve put into place, and make any refining tweaks as necessary.


And after we dance? Expect to feel:

  • Fearless in the knowledge that your past no longer holds you back, and you’re creating a future based on abundance and love - not scarcity and stress. (This is a BIG promise I can deliver on, 100%. It is my gift.)

  • Awed by your own power, and finally clear in the knowledge that you are born for greatness

  • Proud and excited, as you begin moving towards a world lit by your genius, while you create sustainable change in every facet of your life

  • Like the slate is wiped clean. There are no more obstacles, and no more worries. Only progress and embodied potential.

  • Blissfully creative, as you carve out space in your life to be spontaneous, have more fun, and birth concepts you may have been too shy to reveal before.


All Ignite Intensive participants must step into a 30-minute session with me.

(Don’t worry - I love you either way! I just want to make absolutely sure we’re a fit. Click here to begin your journey.)