welcome, love.

This mastermind is, at its root, the inner journey.

The journey of deep self acceptance and awaking.

Of rising into unconditional love for self and others

When the self, really honors its Self.

Boundaries are natural.

Soul desires begin to whisper rather than shout.

Alignment becomes a way of life.

This is true living and this is my gift to you.


Let’s begin.

For 12 months journey with me into the quintessence of your own being and embody your infinite nature. Opening your channels to the highest light and divine grace and removing anything that no longer belongs. You are a child of the light truly… and it’s time to experience yourself as such.

For many, 2018 was a reset year,

Where anything an everything that was truly not in alignment with your highest destiny fell away.

There was fire, there was flames, there was destruction.

And there was also a revelation of the most extraordinary love to have known.

Where You are going.

2019 is where this potential washes over the planet in a way we have never seen before,

And you reading this… you are the future now embodied hope of this homo luminous…

the divine human.

I know this seems very airy fairy, and I am totally down to earth and crass and NO BS.

But when I write invocations, I choose to call on the highest levels of our essence and nature.

The levity we all so desire.



How you can get there.

So I invite you to spend 12 months with me, bringing grace and beauty to every single aspect of your lives.

To ignite your life with the embers of alchemical transformation and precious admiration - for your entire human journey.

To open your heart in a safe space to celebrate and share ALL OF YOU.

The miracles come when you open up… and my intention is to provide the deepest and most expansive, integrated, and heartfelt container to truly love yourself WHOLE.


My Promise to you.

We will laugh, we will cry, we will celebrate, we will ascend, we will embody, we will integrate.

This is a multidimensional journey that will honor all of you.

Your essence.

Your fire.

Your passion.

Your pleasure.

Your play.

Your drive.

Your destiny


Your desires.

There is something so wonderful and available right now.

For leaders to rise and lead AS love.