SPark: THE illumination session

(A 30-minute, 1-1 call. My gift to you - at no cost.)


This is for the magnificent woman who:

  • Has just begun her business journey, or been on the path for a few years, but isn’t attracting the clients, cash, or connection she truly craves

  • Is sick of pretending to be “Just fine!” all the time on this entrepreneurial road, and wants a real, to-the-core talk about where she is, and get powerful answers

  • Has a secret case of brand envy, and all too often finds herself clicking out of Facebook or Twitter mumbling “Oookay, no more stalking XYZ for me today.”

  • Has an amazing vision, but is overwhelmed by the possibilities, and doesn’t know where to start or how to delegate her time.

  • Is tired of seeing the same old advice over and over. She needs something new - a higher level of help and insight. She needs something real, and she needs it now.


Before our call, you’ll be asked to fill out a small-but-mighty intake survey, and share with me your current state, concerns, and where you need some seriously soulful support.

Then when we're live on the line, we'll dive into the biggest obstacles you're facing right now, and develop a simple series of steps you can take to begin your shift into greatness. 


And after we dance? Expect to feel:

  • Completely clear about what happens next, why, and how it’s going to help you evolve

  • Like someone finally gets you, and the passion you feel for your business.

  • Confident, as you move towards mastery refreshed + renewed, knowing that you can and will magnetize the people and profit you deserve

  • Truly, deeply listened to, on a personal and professional level

  • Excited about whatever the next chapter in your journey may be; whether it’s bringing on pros to help you take the next level, or walking the road alone with a focus so powerful it slices through any possible brain fog


Want to Dance longer?