The moment you have anything as a goal… you are lost, you have begun to cling to something that can’t be reached.

You’re being is empty. You are the witness, this… my love is liberation.

It is the dis-identification with any story. It's not attaching yourself to any story. 

Then you can become every story.

Knowing that you have created it. 

This is the end of victimhood. This is the remembrance of creation. You, my love are a creation.


For awhile I’ve been called to teach on liberation in so many ways.

Through orgasmic creation

Through galactic tantra

Through multidimensional awakening

Through the business of bliss


And each one of those are a refined code themselves.


I want to give you the core access that is the source of ALL OF IT.



The prosperity codes.

The transcendence of desire into an ecstatic love affair with creation.


What are codes? 

Codes are quantum packets of high vibrational information which have their own sacred geometry, sound, and light.

Stories have a vibration.

Stories are an accumulation of energy.

We tend to replay stories until we get bored with them. And then we feel like a victim to them.

And we forget that we created them anyway.

The liberation codes are a frequency to ease into a new way of being. 

They have built into them love, connection, safety, and belonging.

Because the codes are within you - ready to be activated.

Which is why this container is meant to activate those codes.

So that you not only remember, but become, access, and embody yourself as these codes.

This is the quantum shift that is available.

I'm simply there guiding you to awaken exactly who you are.

Creation. Liberation. Unlimited wealth and prosperity. The capacity to make it all happen. 



Without our stories we have unlimited opportunities to formulate and envision something new.

We allow ourselves to be raised to a new vantage point beyond our limitations and we see what else could be possible.

Think of this container as an elevator ride of possibility with the invitation for you to let go of any bags you have been carrying at any time.

I'll be there on the other side loving you and honoring you whatever your choice.

And I will remind you that you are not your stories.

And there is another way.

And that I love you. 


How did these codes come to be?

I have been on the path of undoing my story for many years. After an abrupt awakening in February of 2010 - I was exposed to a world beyond my current paradigm. I began sensing light, energy, and information. I began knowing things I couldn't understand how I knew. The result was I spent 3 years looking outside myself to understand and validate this new way of being. It took me into the depths of studying Reiki, Theta Healing, Grace Blessings, and going to graduate school to possibly become a somatic and transpersonal psychotherapist.

But in retrospect, I'll tell you... these trapped me into something.

I became obsessed with understanding and learning about what I knew. I formed a new identity and perspective. 

What actually opened me up to a new perspective became a trap when I began to self-identify with the story around it.

Deeper and deeper it created a new context that I lived within. 

And to tell you - it began to trap me.

I was huge surprise when I found my spiritual ego and identification as a healer was the exact thing that was keeping me trapped.

It was taking more energy to live in the paradigm of healing and supporting people.

I wanted to take the whole mask off.

So, I went to Kauai... and I let myself unravel from all of the stories. Including the ones I really didn't want to let go of.

A part of me wondered, who am I on the other side of it all? 

when we become dis-identified with everything.

We have access to anything.

we become the witness of our dreams coming into form.

this is a choice. 


Why I share this now.

On the other side of this disindentification I sat with a choice. What was I going to let my life be in service to?

What was I going to do with my time here? I had gotten to a deep point of letting go and removing the story -

And in that point - I knew I had the choice of what new story I wanted to write.

And I thought deeply about what I wanted it to be.

And I sat.

And I sat.

And I asked, well what am I really about? For years I had been about illumination. Seeing the truth of who we are.

Identifying our shadows and transmuting them.

I had done that in so many ways. And it yet it felt ... like something more wanted to emerge. Something full.

Liberation. My life would be in service of liberation. ON ALL LEVELS.











Liberation because oxymoronic to me, I learned. Because to get everything - I had to detach from everything. So thriving become the path of refining 

I believed and knew I was here to be a catalyst on so many levels. For years, I had been standing behind the scenes letting other do the big things in the world. "They will be the mouthpiece for me" - I thought. Yet deep down inside I was ready to step outside of my own shadows. My own limitations and just serve - in a big and visible way. I got that it was time and no one was going to do it how I do it. So I decided and didn't look back. So I decided and started taking action. I then knew it was time to teach.. to really teach people how to do this for themselves. 

And I got that the key to do that was to unhook people repeating stories that truly they didn't want but didn't know how to get out of. 

The codes of liberation were just that. So why then call it the prosperity codes?

prosperity is liberation. It's thriving and success.

It's living without limitations. It's coming from a deeper space of being and knowing that whatever you want is possible.

That who you are is powerful beyond all OBSTACLES.

I'll be totally real with you. The mantra that got me through it ALL when I was unraveling.



Who I am is eternal and magnificent beyond measure. Not because anyone told me that. Because I knew that in the truth of who I was.

That was my story and I knew it. And for now it feels true on every level.

And I became committed to that story.

Knowing it was my choice.

And that my love is liberation. And that my love is creation.

And that my love is the prosperity codes.


So what will we be doing?

Over these 3 weeks we will be unraveling story, yes. That is a part of it. 

We will be opening up to new possibilities, yes. That is a part of it.

The intention of this container is to hold the safe space for quantum shifts to happen.

To give you a space to land in as you let it all go. 

To know that you are infinite.

To know that you are the creator of your reality.

And to support you from dis-indentifiying with the story - any story - that you no longer feel called to do.


I will be using a combination of energy work, coaching, and facilitation to support these shifts in everyone involved.

So that whatever you want to unhook from will be unhooked. However, you must be willing to let go.

That can never be done by anyone else but you.

And you my love. You get to choose what story you choose to create next. You get to write whatever narrative you desire and then you get to move towards the actions to create that.

Because you get to. Because you are a creator. Not because you have to. No more forcing. No more overcoming.

Simply creating.



I grew up with not a lot of wants. I had enough. I went to private school. I lived the upper middle class suburban life.

But I also created a lot of stories.

That I had to be thin and pretty to belong and be liked. 

That I wasn't strong enough to create anything on my own. 

Truth be told, at the root of it all. I was afraid of my own power and I was totally oblivious to my capacity to create heaven or havoc in my life.

I had an eating disorder at the age of 11 and was hospitalized, creating a story I was not meant for this world... I became the victim and everyone and everything could be my savior. I became a seeker.

It wasn't until I got a rude knock of awareness at my door almost twenty years later that I realized I had created it all. 

I had created the stories. 

I had identified with the pain and struggle. 

I had given all off it meaning. As if it really was who I am.

And for a long time I didn't let it go. Until, that one day that I was no longer willing to be with the subtle pain that these stories were giving me.

It was taking to much energy to try to prove my perspective - to myself even.

I had created a community that validated my beliefs and so, it was up to me to go within and shift.

To liberate myself.

What I wanted... unlimited prosperity and wealth. While also existing in beauty and really doing something to make a difference. 

I wanted to teach people the art of luminous living, how to create their life as art.

And when I made that declaration, I became the first student of my own intention. 

I learned how to dis-identify with messes, cultivate patience (that was a big one), and presence. 

I learned how to play long term games and not short term fixes. 

I stopped chasing the next big thing and actually settled into and committed to what I truly desired.

The purpose of this course is to show you step by step how I cultivated these things by letting go of stories and ways of being. 

And by allowing myself to be a student of my own teaching. 

To undo habits - really became what liberation was about. And to choose habits that actually made me feel alive and free.

Prosperity is the art of successful thriving. 

In these weeks we will do just that.


How this will work

In three weeks, will dive into the core of undoing. Of letting go of stories, naturally as we allow ourselves to not only align with neutrality but open up to unlimited possibility. 

We will become responsible creators of our own reality. We will really get that this whole life is one of self-creation. 

And the great thing is, we can create it newly at every moment. 

We will learn and unlearn how to dis-identify with stories, about how to let things go... and how to open up to what is actually beyond it.

We will go into the power of choice. Of responsibility. 

But wait, how did you really get there?

I never worried about finances until I moved to NYC in 2013. Up to that point, really my parents took care of me.

I never had to budget or even understand this whole aspect of energy creation - it was all taken care of for me.

So when I first had to do it, I flipped out. I had absolutely no reference point. I started to worry about everything.

How much does it cost? Do I have enough? What do I spend money on?

I was both totally learning what reality was and how much things cost… and was totally angry because I felt limited, constrained.

Who am I to have to budget this?!!


And want to know what happened… I returned to a default way of being. I looked to my partner who I was living with at the time.

I said to him, you will make the money. I gave over my power. I didn’t think I actually had any skills that people would pay for.

I was ashamed I left my graduate school program early in holistic counseling psychology. I had this big vision but no idea of HOW to get to where I wanted to be.

I wanted to have the freedom to travel the world, purchase whatever I wanted, and motivate others to do the same.

AND I also wanted to give people the experience and deep inside knowing that they were worthy of and could create anything they wanted.

But the kicker… there I was, knowing it was possible… but not doing anything to create it for myself.

What it had me understand was while I wanted those ‘things’ - there was a state of being … a quality of experience that I wanted to have while accomplishing those experiences.

Deep peace in myself. A deep sense of integrity with who I am and what I do.

I got that the way I was going to make ‘all this money’ was not just by showing people how to create this, but giving them the access to DEEP PEACE so that they deeply enjoyed it when they had it.

That was the difference.

That was the most important thing for me.

And so I went on THE JOURNEY to learn how to access that deep peace within myself so I could facilitate that transformation for others.


While other entrepreneurs were learning strategy and how to build their business… I was focused on alignment on all levels.

Falling more in more in love with myself.

Healing my relationship with food. Removing the fear around gaining weight with eating.

Developing a new relationship with men and money.

Understanding what I wanted my life to be about.

Deeply creating a life where the quality of my time was deep and rich.

I moved to Hawaii. I moved to Malibu.

I surrounded myself with nature and BEAUTY.

I meditated. I cleansed. I accessed the deep recesses of the universe within.

And I claimed, finally, that this quality of life was the most important thing to me and what I felt like was missing from the simple experience of form.

This is what I wanted to share with the world.

And this is that course.

The details:

We will meet on 3 weekly Zoom calls, which will be recorded in case you can’t make it live.

We will have a FB group where you can post your wins, insights, and prosperous perspectives to your heart's desire.

We will love, uplift, support, and cheer each other on.

We will thrive.



April 9th / April 10th

April 16th / April 17th

April 23rd / April 24th



Mondays:  2pm Honolulu / 5pm Los Angeles + Vancouver / 7pm New York

Tuesdays:  8am Bali + Perth / 10am Sydney



The investment is $777. Pay in full.

or 4 weekly payments of $222. (CLICK HERE for payment plan) 

Why did I create this?

To drop all the BS that has been going on in the space that doesn’t work for everyone.

They are amazing principles, and yet, eventually don’t you want out of the process itself?

Don’t you want to let go of striving and just be free?


Liberation is a frequency and I am going to take you right there

so that everything else can just fall away.


I’m not here to compete with other methods and strategy.

I’m not here to say that this one is better.

I’m just letting you know that there is another way available.


And it’s not a process, it’s simply a frequency.

A frequency of liberation (on all levels)

Which is what we are craving anyways. 


So, why not -instead- shortcut the whole thing

and saturate yourself in the field of wealth.


Let your body and being actually swim at that level.

There is a wisdom in liberation.

It’s a space of consciousness… where natural expansion and unlimited abundance on all levels lives.

This is the space I invite you to saturate into for 3 weeks.

To explore and check it out - and see how your life changes.

Sometimes the most amazing transformations don’t come from parables… they come from pure frequency.

Welcome to the wonderful world of vibration.

Prosperity: (definition)

A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition.

The condition of being successful or thriving.


Origin: Middle English; from Old French prosperite,

from Latin prosperitas, from prosperus, ‘doing well.’

This isn’t a money course.

This is a frequency course.


This course is an amplification container to actually saturate you in the frequency of - well - prosperity.


So simply sit back and imagine….  What would your life be if you were successful and thriving?

Would it be sitting at a beachfront home with your lover rubbing your back and children playing in the background?

Would it be traveling the world solo, sponsored by companies, with a booming online presence?

Would to be totally going off the map without a care in the world and trotting the globe with family and friends?

Would it be setting up or supporting nonprofits and giving back to the community?

Would it be finally setting up your etsy shop and getting your artwork out to the world?

prosperity is a frequency.

And when you are in that frequency certain images of what you are doing come to be. 

But the experiences are not the frequency. They are what you would be naturally and spontaneously doing in that frequency.

This is how frequency works.

The form organically follows.

So what we will do in these 3 weeks together is intensively saturate in this frequency together.


Things will come up to be let go of (or things will just naturally fall away) - because they are not in alignment with the frequency.

People and situations will reach out to you because you are on the bandwidth to receive them.

You will actually - and most likely attune - to new thoughts and ideas - because you are tuning into a new bandwidth.


So this is my promise to you.

To hold a steady and potent field for you to attune to.

To allow yourself to be naturally inspired and attracted to new people, places, things or ideas.

To allow new people, places, things, or ideas to be naturally aligned to you.

To simply play in the field of thriving and success.


This is my promise to you.


The details:

We will meet on 3 weekly Zoom calls, which will be recorded in case you can’t make it live.

We will have a FB group where you can post your wins, insights, and prosperous perspectives to your heart's desire.

We will love, uplift, support, and cheer each other on.

We will thrive.



April 9th / April 10th

April 16th / April 17th

April 23rd / April 24th



Mondays:  2pm Honolulu / 5pm Los Angeles + Vancouver / 7pm New York

Tuesdays:  8am Bali + Perth / 10am Sydney



The investment is $777. Pay in full.

or 4 weekly payments of $222. (CLICK HERE for payment plan) 




a bit about frequency:

The first thing to understand about frequency is there is NO LINEAR ASPECT TO THEM. They are there. They are sitting there in the quantum field of space and time ready to be aligned to. They are equally available to all. 

So why a course then? Well, something very magical happens when you place yourself in an amplified container with codes. It's like taking a bath in the purity of the frequency.

They just can't help but rub off on you. You couldn't avoid it if you tried.

Here is a metaphor. Imagine a 10 foot pole with balloons at the top. By yourself you can see them. You can assemble a ladder to get to them. You know they are there.

Being in this container is like having the balloons brought to you and then you not only being lifted in the air, but beginning to feel as if you are the ballon.

That's about the easiest metaphor of how frequency works.


how this frequency codes came to be:

I'll be very honest with you. I am a trust fund child. I grew up around the frequency of wealth and opulence. It didn't even occur to me as a big deal. I never even knew it was anything special until I grew up and hung around other children and saw that people came from very different experiences of life. Never ever in my life did I have to worry about money until I moved to NYC in my late twenties. All of a sudden, the ties were cut and I was on my own.

I had no idea how to budget and would flip out about the smallest things since I had no understanding about money.

I never, ever wanted to work for someone else. I wanted to be in total control of my wealth and time. I wanted that freedom and liberation to do as I pleased.

So, I remember the moment that I decided... I'm not going to work for anyone anymore ever again. 

I had to make this work. I had to make my life work.

And I promptly signed up for a coaching school. Not because I actually wanted to learn to coach. I had already been trained in postgraduate work in Marriage and Family Therapy but chose to leave my program early. I knew I was meant to serve people outside of a therapeutic situation. 

My graduate work gave me the tools to be present and listen, but it didn't instill in me the mindset of success.

To do that I had to activate my prosperity codes.

I was sitting around coaches that were just starting out or were 10+ in business and everyone was just wanting to make it work. 

I realized in that moment that I had given into a system program. That I had fallen out of the frequency of unlimited wealth and success and abundance. 

I had actually forgotten what was so innate to me.

And the moment I activated it again. That's when things changed.

Really, they transformed.

I moved from charging $1K to $6K to $20K and beyond for my coaching packages.

I decided to leave NYC and move to my dream home in Kauai. 

I now live watching palm trees sway and an ocean in the background. 

I say this over and over and over again.

Prosperity is frequency. It is something within you waiting to be activated.

And when it does.... your experience of life will absolutely shift.

You will be free to take actions you used to belabor about. You will actually start moving toward what has you thriving and successful. Prosperity is a magnet  for success.

All you gotta do is let it be and let it be with you.