The Mu Codes

A Sacred Retreat to Activate the Essence of Who You Are


The Mu Codes

A Sacred Retreat to Activate the Essence of Who You Are

Beloved, it’s time.

It’s time to return to a place that you never have left. Where part of you, stands or sits still tending the flame of the fire that never burned out.

This is the threefold flame of passion, purpose, and desire… that sits in the core of your very heart.

To get to the core of the matter, I am going to take you back to where it all began.

Instead of giving you learnings, I’m going to activate your remembrance.

I am going to guide you back to the truth of who you are.

Timeless. Eternal. Indestructible.

A truth that never died. |  A truth that is eternal. 




Mu: A Home You Never Left

Mu: A Home You Never Left

You have a remembrance of this simple time. A time where gardens and feminine flowers were abundant and you lived in harmony with  the natural world.  So often you dream of this place: remembering lifetimes as a mermaid, sprite, flower-child, or even a priestesses.

It is a time so close you can taste it. With the wind in your hair and the sun shining upon your naked, salt-kissed body, you remember.

You hold deep, potent, sacred codes of MU: and it is time for those to awaken -collectively.

You are here to weave a tapestry of remembering and reclaim your rightful sovereignty among the legions of man.

You are here resurrect a lineage that is lying dormant in your bones, ready to be animated.

Your dreams are not simply dreams, they are remembrances of ancient times and future gatherings.

This is one of those times.

Welcome beloved, MY NAME IS JOANNA GREEN. 

I know each of you in my bones. I have dreamed this dream for oh so many years. It is now time to do this temple dance in person, embodied, and truly bring heaven to earth.

MU was a legendary ancient civilization that is speculated to be a landmass over the polynesian countries. While it is a legend, Lemurians know.


These codes will activate your life.

Your life will change. You will be activated. And you will remember.

You are here for a far greater purpose than you can imagine.

You are here awaken. You are here to awaken others to their true nature.

But first... You must FULLY AWAKEN

Your business.

Your relationships.

Your abundance.

Your love.

Your friendships.

These aspects of you are waiting for this activation, will you say yes?


The Call

The Call

Kauai came to me on a poster hanging on the back door of a house in Fairfield, Iowa, while I doing a Aryuvedic Panchakarma Cleanse and Meditation Retreat.

Seeking bliss, I found myself, instead, in the middle of a cornfield. I thought, “why the hell would someone what to become enlightened here? If it were up to me, I’d do this near an ocean on a tropical paradise island! … I mean, such bliss must be matched by outer beauty.”

It wasn’t until I watched an episode of Lilou Mace touring a retreat location in Kauai, that I finally got the call to go. Mind you, this was two years later. I waited until the perfect time and the perfect circumstances arose. What ensured was a spiritual baptism, awakening, and remembrance that changed the course of my life.

Let me be frank, at the time I was a 'spiritual' person -but I tended to gravitate toward teachings of  transcendence. In other words, I used my quest for "higher consciousness" as a way of avoiding fully being here, on the planet, in a human body. It was difficult, heavy, and I didn't like it. I wanted to go 'home' -I just want never really sure where that was. At the age of 11, I developed an eating disorder and truly spent my adolescent years fighting being awake and present in the world. 

Kauai changed ALL OF THAT. 

I'd like to say it was some magical mindset training I did. It wasn't. 

my body was craving to be held. To be safe. What got me present to the truth of who I was and my purpose on this planet was Mama Kauai. In her fierce, unconditional love, I came home. 

It is called the Garden Isle for good reason,

Kauai invites you step into your original divine blueprint

from the garden of Eden.

You remember who you were before technology, modernity, and mass consumerism was the norm.

You body calms. You actually breath. You are held. You feel full. 

The codes and gems of wisdom laying within your cellular memory turn on. 

I tasted an elixir of desire, a love I had been yearning for, and it amplified me.

And I knew my purpose was to share this experience with others. 

When deep needs are met, all ‘superficial’ or ‘conditional’ replacements fall away and you begin to gain access to a peace and satisfaction that never really leaves.

It awakens within you, removes you from the distractions and illusions of a technological world and reorganizes you to recognize your place among the order of things.

The divine order of things.

So, that is my invitation to you. To return. To remember.

To come home, to a part of you that has been waiting for you all along.

Singing songs in your dreams, toning notes in your ears, whispering for the right time of embodied awakening.

If you are reading this. It is your time.

Come. Join me. Let’s step fully into our power as priestesses and gatekeepers of Mu, as temple bearers and galactic lineage holders.

While you may not know it, you will remember.

And your life, your creations, and your contributions will spill forth with grace and joy. 


Will you heed the call of your dreams to become reality?



The Intention

The Intention

The intention of this retreat is simple. You leave unequivocally and vibrationally in alignment for the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.

That you actually become your destiny fulfilled on all levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and somatically.

That all the dimensions align so that you are stabilized in that reality the moment you leave the retreat.

Now, please know. The moment you say yes to a retreat like this.... the vibrational timeline that you are on shifts immediately, NOW.

Not before you get to the retreat. The moment you say yes and make the payment, it is a done deal in the universe.

Which is great for you.

All that is left is to surrender and enjoy as your highest vibrational destiny begins coloring and recreating your reality.

The only thing for you to do, if anything is to receive, relax, and surrender.

See, we make it so hard on ourselves... we fill ourselves up with strategies and ideas.

We think the things will get us to what we want to be and how we want to feel.

This is completely backwards. 

The invitation is always, and always to surrender and let the future that has already happened begin to infiltrate the present.

This is how creation happens.

Our only job is to enjoy life and watch as our destiny opens up within us. And relax, a lot and a lot of relaxation.

So, while the format of the retreat looks simple on paper, know that everything will be happening on the subtle levels.

That is where the magic is. The energy that informs form. When this shifts within you, your outside world automatically altars.

Welcome to the wonderful world of creation. 


If you feel you are ready, Let's begin