Video 1: offering choices

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

I am so HONORED to have you here! Thank you for answering the call.  

This series came as a divine download to meet the needs of women (like you) who were struggling over the often outdated + over-masculine way of sales.

So many experts share how to approach sales in a feminine way, but all to often this devolves into "mindset" reframing. If we could just think differently, wouldn't we have done that already?!?

Mindset shifting can often be muddled by limiting beliefs, unconscious material, and you know (all to well) the rabbit hole that can lead you down. 

You don't need to go there anymore.


I want to show you a different way. 

One that taps into your deep intuition + connection to all that is. 

One that sets you free by getting out of the way + deep listening.

This is not a new technique, it is a paradigm shift.

Welcome to Sacred Exchange:

a new paradigm of sales + service for spiritual, service-based female entrepreneurs.

This is my gift to you.


In this free 3-part video seminar series, I'll share with you the three key tools that keep my feminine energy afloat + in flow during all of my "Spark: Illumination Sessions" (sales calls). 

Here's is what you will learn

  • Video 1: Offer Options: how to create spacious container that really allows true connection + trust to be created 
  • Video 2: Invoking Genius: a new distinction to open yourself to your Wise Self + create ease on the call + know what the client really wants
  • Video 3: Future Seeing: a potent tool to discern if this is the divine right client for you now

I'm committed to eradicate the struggles or confusion to bringing your sacred work to those you know you are meant to serve.

May this show you the way, by assisting you to get out of your own way and tap into your feminine genius. 

Continue your journey.

                         listening deeper through presence + essence                                                                     letting your intuition guide the way