Welcome, welcome, welcome!

First off…..

Thank you for saying YES to yourself… whatever that took!

And thank you for trusting me as your guide.

To make this very clear from the beginning here is all the information about the dates/times/meeting place of the course.

(I’d recommend that you bookmark this page for safe keeping in case you have to remember!)

Because of the extremely intense and short duration of the course, there is no “Facebook Group” in the typical fashion.

What I have created is a space for you all to connect during the course of the 3 days we are together to share anything you want about the course.

What you are seeing, your ah has, it’s a place for community and connection. I will not be checking it…. and on our first call I will tell you why (there is a reason to this madness!).


Here is the Zoom Link (for your safekeeping!):


The Dates + Times of Our Calls:

June 6th: 6-8pm EST

June 7th: 12-2pm EST

June 8th: 11-1pm EST

To determine you own time zone click here!

I want to take a moment to explain why this particular container is so tight. The transformation that you are looking for, doesn’t take time. It takes precision and applied practice. That is why this space is so amplified. It’s going to go right into the heart of the matter.

You are not new to this work and transformation, and therefore I know you will appreciate it.

But don’t worry I will also be expanding space and time so while it is precise it will be loving, and very graceful.

Notes: Remember to move over these days. (This includes sex if you want to).

A lot of energy and transformation will be happening so it’s your responsibility to set you life up to work with this course. Use these days to really get done what you REALLY want to get done in your life.

I don’t know if that is something to do with dating, intimacy, your body, food, money. Take time to get really specific. And I promise you it is done.

WATER: We are emotional beings. Make sure you stay hydrated with nutritious food in your body during these days.

You will see sacred exchange begins with money… but its a frequency that YOU BECOME FULLY.


Welcome, I am so happy to have you here!