Welcome to the Art of Sacred Exchange.

We are all in a sacred harmonic dance with life. Rhythmically relaying our frequency out into hyperspace and dancing with the cosmos as us.

And yet, there are some spaces in our life - where that pleasurable, pure (dare I say erotic) capacity, is well…. lacking.

This course is and invitation to transform it at a vibrational level through your perspective and relationship to it.

I remember the moment I created this course, February 2014, Sydney AUS. I am sitting in a room of women entrepreneurs and we are all having to design our group course.

Amongst my utter, I want to pee in my pants moment - I can’t create under this pressure - I listened to many of the women’s course names in the room and their intended outcomes.

Many of those women have now gone on to be big names in the online coaching world and some - well beyond the 6 and 7 figure mark.

And I listened. It was the days where it was 90 days to your 10K month. I wanted to throw up internally.

Was this really the game I had signed up for? Is this the level that people were buying.

Was this the need?!?

Yes, I got it. We all wanted to make money. But to create a course on money for people to make money and you make money on then making money.

There was a dimension missing.

Sales was not a transaction, it was a sacred exchange.

To me, I came to this work to give people access to more freedom -dare I say, liberation.

Each day, I watch as wonderful people hold back their offers from the world.

Whether it’s the universal….. “I’m not enough, I am not worthy, No one will buy from me, this work isn’t valuable enough, I am not an expert enough.”

The thought and feeling process was so universal that I just want you to know, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL OR UNIQUE IN YOUR THOUGHTS.

I could go into the fact that it’s just a universal pattern that is getting autocorrected.

But safe to say, your thoughts are not identified with you. Everyone things them.

So I am not here to necessarily shift them. Just noticing how universal they are will probably already put a smile on your face.

So, as you can see - sales is a human connection. I am even doing it right now. I am sharing my story.

I am opening up to you, I am letting you know a bit more about the birth process of WHY this course exists.

But this course is an invitation to go even deeper. When it was first created it was a 3 series opt in about my formula for client creation (excuse me while I vomit a little in my mouth). It was founded on three principles.

  1. Offering Options: Choice As the Foundational Empowerment Principle.

  2. Accessing Genius: I wanted to show people how to listen in an active and unattached way, a way in which they are listening for possibility and not just problems. (It’s actually something I could create an entire course on, because true listening is a transformational act in itself!)

  3. Future Seeing: This is one specifically for one on one clients really. You got to see their future self. You got to be present to that timeline. I really still feel like this applies to me today. Because if I can’t see someones future, how can I guide them?

So, back to this course. Over the next few years…. and every day of inner work and integration… I saw the dynamic interconnectedness that this was all about.

This was most specifically inviting intimacy. This is why this is a LIVE course. Your choice to show up with put unseen forces in motion. My only ask is to come to this course with open curiosity. It is having you look at the nature of sacred exchange in your life.

Yes, around money.

But money is the transaction. The transformation is in the sacred exchange.

And that is the mystery of relationship.

The Intended Outcomes:

You have new powerful prospective tools to interact with limiting beliefs and feelings of constriction in your life.

A mind, body, soul, spirit connection that allows you to show up with TRUE listening and connection to yourself.

A heartfelt capacity to listen to another and begin to hold space so that through your presence they become open to the possibilities in their life.

YOU get, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that money is the physical byproduct of a non physical and sacredly valuable transaction.

You begin to see your business and life at a higher level, in which all acts are ones of love or attempting to achieve love by avoiding pain.


The intention of all of my courses is to reconnect you to ALL that is and have you experience it in a lived tangible way. To taste and sense it. To witness the miraculous and to get that everything is always working in your favor.

I love you all, and I am so excited to see you inside if you wish to join.



The details:

This is a deep dive on Zoom. I was specifically guided NOT to extend this over a long period of time. It’s not necessary, and I want to get you results now. So it’s 3 consecutive days, 2 hours each day. It will be a combination of delivered content, transmissions, and question taking. 3 is a a sacred number in transformation as it aligns with cosmic harmony and the cycles of transition.

What I will tell you is… in those three days we will be in an amplified portal. You will feel the work when we are not on the call and ESPECIALLY in your dream state. Be prepared to watch things that you no longer want in your life come up for transmutation. This is an adult course. I am not going to do every part of the energy work for you. Why? This is about mastery. I will give you tools.

I will saturate you with GRACE. And you will be supported.

The magic is - when you look at resistance long enough, it looses its charge. Trying to change something doesn’t work, accepting it as it is, opens up a space for a new vantage point. Just take that point to heart, and watch your whole life shift.

I want to take a moment to explain why this particular container is so tight. The transformation that you are looking for, doesn’t take time. It takes precision and applied practice. That is why this space is so amplified. It’s going to go right into the heart of the matter.

The Dates:

June 6th: 6-8pm EST

June 7th: 12-2pm EST

June 8th: 11-1pm EST

To determine you own time zone click here!

We will begin on the 6/6 portal gateway and drop you back off in linear time by 6/9. Three days of tesla level zero point bliss, you ready? I promise you, it’s like ecstasy. And no - you don’t ever have to return to the notion of linear time and not being fully in the present moment ever again. (wink wink).

The Investment:

The value of this course is $1777. There is a payment plan available.

Here is the reason for this. This is a 3 day course, with 2 hours of content per day. But the course doesn’t end when we hang up the phone, at all. It keeps going, into your life and into your dreams. That’s where it’s at. If we were doing this in person, we would be chilling by the pool, having dinner, sitting in the sauna, you get it. And I am sure you will have so much amplified awareness of how this ‘spills over’ into life… because.. SURPRISE, this is life.

Your life will be a laboratory over this time. I promise, you will see and move through things at such a rapid rate it will be unbelievable.

Why? I am coming to this space from the space of grace. Grace works beyond space and time. It soothes things, it also provides potent wisdom about INTEGRITY and HARMONY.

Our sacred exchanges will have you look at an area of your life called money. But most deeply, it will have you look at LOVE ITSELF.