Sit, breathe and relax. You have arrived.

Darling, I know you in my bones and in my soul.

Building companies, serving communities, creating a conscious home and a loving family.

You have got your stuff together.... well, for the most part.

It's not that something is missing... it's this longing for more.

To live a live of ecstatic rapture, conscious communion with the divine of your own heart, and pleasure in all of your pastimes.


Let me be real, this year has been a LOT. Deepest wounding and vibrations coming up out of nowhere, creating the most powerful warriors of even the most timid of us. For that, first and foremost... I want to honor you. While you know it, I want to reiterate it. Your conscious choice for evolution impacts the cosmos. By our decisions we are literally writing a path for a new humanity. I want you to breathe that into your heart. I am grateful for all of who you are and I don't take you for granted. NONE OF US DO.


You are a meaningful piece of the cosmic masterpeice and celestial symphony that we are all a part of. We all rise up when you rise.


However, we all do not fall when you fall.

You see there is no fall from grace. There is only forgetting.


So, this is where cosmic comes in. Cosmic is a multidimensional vibrational container (liken it to a spaceship)... that will literally hold you through the dips and the rises. I will take you as deep as you want to go into the expansive caverns of quantum consciousness and it will love you when you have to cry because your vibration is raising so fast and life just seems so hard.

Reconfiguring the energetic foundations of your being, embodying your essence, and rewiring your body in real time is no small task. Many of us sometimes may sometimes wish we could take a 'time out' and JUST BE. 

That is what this container is. I have spent 3 years downloading the curriculum to hold it within every cell of my existence. Recently, I moved to the Garden Island of Kauai to stabilize my field in the vibration of paradise. Being in this container is like being in a cosmic spaceship on a future planet of your own heart while being completely immersed in your everyday life. Now let me warn you. This container will shift your vibration... you will experience more joy, pleasure, love, ecstasy, and rapture... and by grace that which is not aligned to it will fall away.




Liken it to the cosmic womb of creation.

A quantum float tank of embodied bliss.


Let the island hold you, let Mama Gaia herself love you, and let this be a grounded space for you to go as deep and high as you desire.

Now, here is the thing about my containers -if you have never worked with me one on one. I'll tell you the secret to their magic.

These containers hold the vibration of your future Self, fulfilled.

That means there is nothing to figure out.

That means the highest possible potential of who you are lies within these cosmic waters.

Your only 'job' is to feel and listen to the watery whispers of desires that are here to be witnessed as expression. 

They become you and you become them.

Life becomes a living lucid dream and not a concrete experience. Beliefs, feelings, beings... can bend... because nothing is fixed.

Let the lenses of your reality loosen. 


see who you truly are and what is truly possible.

let your life become a cosmic play of unending creativity.


Now, here is the thing. You can't really 'teach' this.

It's a vibrational UNLEARNING of sorts. A letting go of worries into divine joy.

Allowing your raw power and poise to be seen by your lover, yourself, your community, and your children. 


This is the alchemical space to arrive in. 



The invitation:

It is my utmost honor to drop you into this cauldron of luxurious transformation for two months. Each week, on Monday evenings (or Tuesday mornings -depending where you live in the world!) we will have a Zoom call where we will dive in. Why Zoom? I don't do unilateral teaching. I want your participation. I want to feel you, for you to show up. Be, receive, be held. 

I get nothing by simply witnessing your radiant heart, I want to dance together.

I'll put you all in a FB group where you can go live and share anything you want in real time. The cauldron of creation is real.

So, why now? Well, we got two months before 2018 dawns on us and I want you to be set up in your highest divine timeline possible. I don't do New Years Eve resolutions. I don't wait until THEN to start shifting. I become the person and vibration who already holds and embodies the vibration of vision of that future NOW and watches it unfold.

So the intention for these two months is to gently place you into your highest timeline for 2018. With fun, flow, and ease. That is is. Simple. I don't do complicated. I do simplicity. Because simplicity is mastery.


The details:

We will be meeting on these dates. 

November 20th / November 21st

November 27th / November 28th

December 4th / December 5th 

December 11th / December 12th

December 18th / December 19th

December 25th / December 26th


January 1st / January 2nd


To accomodate women from around the world, the meetings will be held on:


4pm HST, Honolulu

6pm PST, Los Angeles + Vancouver

9pm EST, New York


7:30am IST, Bali

10am AWST, Perth

1pm, AEDT, Sydney


Is your time not listed above? Find the meeting time in your location here.


the why:

Now let me explain the power of these dates.... we will be beginning after the 11-11 gateway (November 11th) and finishing after the 13-13 gateway (Winter and Summer Solstice). The big energies of this window is the 12-12 gateway. Because that is a teaching in an of itself which we will be going into on our calls. I want to speak a big more about it... in a cosmic way. And because the central currency of cosmic living is celebration, we will culminate in a shared jubilation on January 1st... honoring and sending you off into your greatest year yet. 

In the galactic calendar, everything is about time coding according to procession of the Equinoxes and the mathematical calculations of existence. This is the 'cheat' sheet of understanding the cosmos. My role, as a cosmic creator is to show women, like you,  how to align with the creatrix energies within these times. The divine mother within the divine father order. I don't utilize that terminology anymore, but it is the easiest way of translating these energies. ALL IS BECOMING NOW. 2017 is the year of personal mastery. This 6 week journey is to dive you into the future mystery out of linear time so that you land on the shores of 2018 in your highest and most exciting life.

That's it. It's that simple.



The investment is $597. Pay in full.