Dear Beloved,

It is my utmost honor to have you here. Please take this time to settle in, breathe deeply, and listen to the embodied wisdom of your essential self. The intent of this application is to provide a fertile space for the gnosis of your being to arise. So often do we live from the neck up, disconnected from the vibrant whisperings of our heart and our body. 

Tune out the world and tune in to you. 

What do you want? What do you yearn for? Why are you right here, right now?

Your aching is the silent call of your soul. 

Listen, and allow the subtle yearnings of your SELF (speak) wash over you and on to the page. -you may be surprised by what arrises.

This application is meant to spark inquiry, open dialogue, and activate your inherent inner knowing. By completing this application you are under no obligation to join the Celestial Collective. Let this application become the water to nourish your fertile dreamseed to grow.

breathe. Deepen. Surrender.

allow your truth to unfurl. 

This is your Exploration Application to the celestial collective


The Celestial Collective is a high-end illuminated sisterhood for leading spiritual teachers and entrepreneurs. We have recognized that we no longer can do it alone. Yes, we have friends, yes we have co-workers, yes, we may even have a staff of 10 or even 100+. But who listens to your soul? If you are here, on this page... you've recognized ... we are no longer here to grow alone. Our lives are not perfect. They can be messy. They can be divine. And they can be confusing. The purpose of this mastermind is to hold you sacredly and lovingly in the crucible for you to merge and expand into your highest expression of SELF in ALL areas of your life.
If you are called, how can we connect? *
If you are called, how can we connect?
Mystical women will not only change the world, they will dream a world into being far grander, far more beautiful, and far more loving that we can even imagine. They will weave it together by claiming their worth, honoring their power, declaring their dreams, and recognizing that they are the embodied creator of their own reality. There is only one of us here, and in recognition of the truth of who we are... anything is possible.
— Joanna M Green