Let me warn you, this is NOT a beginners course.

I say that from the beginning. This is a dark workers course.

Why? Because the intention of this course is to look into all of your patterns of manipulation, bring them to light.

For the purposes of liberation.

I know what you came here for. To embody your soul’s purpose and guide others to do the same.

If you haven’t felt there is a greater call to bring more light and more love to the planet.

And that is NOT a big deal, in fact it’s a celebration.

But what it does demand from you is a greater level of impeccable precision and integrity.

To live in accordance with your will and divine will.

You obviously know that your purpose is to fully embody your soul essence.

But you are being called more and more into leadership and community.

There is a quantum leap required. Some call it capacity, I call it integrity.

To bring more space to you life.

But because I don’t lie and sell you a bag of tricks I am going to tell you that the access to that

And the only reason why you haven’t FELT that ease around a new level of leadership is because it brings up

A new level of stories and beliefs.

The wider you go - the deeper you go.

And that’s a good thing.

How the heavens do you think your soul essence comes fully into for and into the world to be shared.

So this is an escalation course to make space.

It will bring up your deepest fears to transmute.

And you will be free afterwards.

Why I offer this now…… so many people are going and doing these deep shamanic experiences, that are very valuable.

The call to go deep is there.

Because the deeper the penetration the greater the light.

IF we are talking about embodiment.

IF we are talking about embodied leadership.

So this is a bootcamp of sorts for people who are already in positions of leadership.

CEO’s, managers, executives….. people responsible for managing a lot of other people.

To thrive in the new economy….. you must come from integrity.

And you will not be able to see that level of integrity…. and what isn’t in integrity.

Until you have reached that level of clarity of vision within yourself.


(I do have other courses that show you how to create new organizations based on paradigms of sacred exchange.. but a detox of beliefs is ALWAYS valuable in helping you see the blind spots in your leadership and see several steps ahead.)

So, as I said this is an advanced offering. It’s not for beginners. It’s for people who are actually here committed to impact on a planetary level.

On some level, that is the depth of your calling.


You need to be aware of planetary level distortions.

And how that maps on to you in your daily life, probably unknowingly.

We don’t always see the water we swim in. Or even think there is a problem, until … well…. something feels off and doesn’t work.

The way of being on this planet is shifting. There is a demand for transparency and radical responsibility.

Yes, there is a need for conversations about mindful boundaries and communication.

Yes, we have huge amounts of unconscious codependency and addictions going on.

These are things in humanity that are coming up to be see and transmuted.

I have spent that last decade of my life learning about why the world is the way the world is.

I have lead women to step into their luminous selves to birth impeccable offerings in their business and life and open to ecstasy.

In the process, I have also seen all the distortions that women and men are going through on a personal, collective, and generational level.

This is a course way before it’s time. And if you are called to it, it’s because you are on the leading edge.

Forging your lives in integrity with the essence of your soul.

Which it love, purity, truth, beauty…… and all the virtues of divine essence.

But for those here to LEAD.

YOU MUST BE AWARE and transmute this within your body, experience, and life.

So that you become the leader that other people can rise up in.

This is frequency leadership on the level of your being.

You don’t guide your business… though you probably thing you do.

To allow others to naturally rise and be the best person they can be.

This includes your intimate partners, children, parents, and siblings…..

You got to make space for grace.

It’s a primary principle. You can think of it as being not triggered, compassionate, forgiving, able to listen and respond.

I am talking about the same thing in all these things.

But if you are in a position of leadership you do have a level of responsibility.

To be clear within yourself with APPROPRIATE boundaries, conditions, and expectations of yourself and others.

And on the other side…. is showing you a way of HETERARCHY leadership which allows every person around you to become a leader.

This is what you truly want.

Because when others thrive.

You do.

Competition kills creativity, community, (and if you are in business… your bottom line)

(and if you are in romance…. your intimacy and connection).

The purpose of this is to provide a bootcamp of sorts of seeing your shadows… and showing you how to actually BE the light.

People to not understand the importance of understanding patterns of distortion in luminous leadership.

It’s because you have consciously transmitted it in your life that you can facilitate it for others through you presence.

It seems like magic, it’s not. It’s the law of frequency.

So if you are really ready for this - to lead like this in your life. I invite you to message me and apply for this unique opportunity.

I am being very selective about who I choose to do this work. It has to feel like a match to me - as well as you.

It’s also a function of timing and choice.

I really want to make sure that this is the next right step for you.

And if you are called. YOU will know.

You will be like, whatever it is… here is my money.

This is what I have been waiting for.

For real, that is when you have a SOUL YES.

It’s not about giving away your power.

It’s about reclaiming your own.

And trusting your investment of yourself.

And that this is the space and the people who you choose to go deep with.

You have to decide that first.

If you are interested in having an application conversation, please fill out the application below.