Let me be honest.

When my guides, the universe, whatever came to me and told me to teach a course on prosperity. I was a bit skeptical.


“Don’t I have to be a billionaire to teach about money?

Wouldn’t that be completely inauthentically and downright lying to people to put a front in that way?”


“This course isn’t about money. It’s about prosperity.” I promptly began listening.

“Look up the definition for prosperity,” -an inner voice would say. Ok, Ok, I responded. 

Prosperity: (definition)

A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition.

The condition of being successful or thriving.


Origin: Middle English; from Old French prosperite,

from Latin prosperitas, from prosperus, ‘doing well.’

Oh, so prosperous has to do with wellness… from being successful, flourishing, or thriving… that I can teach. That I can get.

So, let me just make the number one most important disclaimer.


This isn’t a money course.

This is a frequency course.


This course is an amplification container to actually saturate you in the frequency of - well - prosperity.


So simply sit back and imagine….  What would your life be if you were successful and thriving?

Would it be sitting at a beachfront home with your lover rubbing your back and children playing in the background?

Would it be traveling the world solo, sponsored by companies, with a booming online presence?

Would to be totally going off the map without a care in the world and trotting the globe with family and friends?

Would it be setting up or supporting nonprofits and giving back to the community?

Would it be finally setting up your etsy shop and getting your artwork out to the world?

prosperity is a frequency.

And when you are in that frequency certain images of what you are doing come to be. 

But the experiences are not the frequency. They are what you would be naturally and spontaneously doing in that frequency.

This is how frequency works.

The form organically follows.

So what we will do in these 3 weeks together is intensively saturate in this frequency together.


Things will come up to be let go of (or things will just naturally fall away) - because they are not in alignment with the frequency.

People and situations will reach out to you because you are on the bandwidth to receive them.

You will actually - and most likely attune - to new thoughts and ideas - because you are tuning into a new bandwidth.


So this is my promise to you.

To hold a steady and potent field for you to attune to.

To allow yourself to be naturally inspired and attracted to new people, places, things or ideas.

To allow new people, places, things, or ideas to be naturally aligned to you.

To simply play in the field of thriving and success.


This is my promise to you.


The details:

We will meet on 3 weekly Zoom calls, which will be recorded in case you can’t make it live.

We will have a FB group where you can post your wins, insights, and prosperous perspectives to your heart's desire.

We will love, uplift, support, and cheer each other on.

We will thrive.



April 9th / April 10th

April 16th / April 17th

April 23rd / April 24th



Mondays:  2pm Honolulu / 5pm Los Angeles + Vancouver / 7pm New York

Tuesdays:  8am Bali + Perth / 10am Sydney



The investment is $777. Pay in full.

or 4 weekly payments of $222. (CLICK HERE for payment plan) 




a bit about frequency:

The first thing to understand about frequency is there is NO LINEAR ASPECT TO THEM. They are there. They are sitting there in the quantum field of space and time ready to be aligned to. They are equally available to all. 

So why a course then? Well, something very magical happens when you place yourself in an amplified container with codes. It's like taking a bath in the purity of the frequency.

They just can't help but rub off on you. You couldn't avoid it if you tried.

Here is a metaphor. Imagine a 10 foot pole with balloons at the top. By yourself you can see them. You can assemble a ladder to get to them. You know they are there.

Being in this container is like having the balloons brought to you and then you not only being lifted in the air, but beginning to feel as if you are the ballon.

That's about the easiest metaphor of how frequency works.


how this frequency codes came to be:

I'll be very honest with you. I am a trust fund child. I grew up around the frequency of wealth and opulence. It didn't even occur to me as a big deal. I never even knew it was anything special until I grew up and hung around other children and saw that people came from very different experiences of life. Never ever in my life did I have to worry about money until I moved to NYC in my late twenties. All of a sudden, the ties were cut and I was on my own.

I had no idea how to budget and would flip out about the smallest things since I had no understanding about money.

I never, ever wanted to work for someone else. I wanted to be in total control of my wealth and time. I wanted that freedom and liberation to do as I pleased.

So, I remember the moment that I decided... I'm not going to work for anyone anymore ever again. 

I had to make this work. I had to make my life work.

And I promptly signed up for a coaching school. Not because I actually wanted to learn to coach. I had already been trained in postgraduate work in Marriage and Family Therapy but chose to leave my program early. I knew I was meant to serve people outside of a therapeutic situation. 

My graduate work gave me the tools to be present and listen, but it didn't instill in me the mindset of success.

To do that I had to activate my prosperity codes.

I was sitting around coaches that were just starting out or were 10+ in business and everyone was just wanting to make it work. 

I realized in that moment that I had given into a system program. That I had fallen out of the frequency of unlimited wealth and success and abundance. 

I had actually forgotten what was so innate to me.

And the moment I activated it again. That's when things changed.

Really, they transformed.

I moved from charging $1K to $6K to $20K and beyond for my coaching packages.

I decided to leave NYC and move to my dream home in Kauai. 

I now live watching palm trees sway and an ocean in the background. 

I say this over and over and over again.

Prosperity is frequency. It is something within you waiting to be activated.

And when it does.... your experience of life will absolutely shift.

You will be free to take actions you used to belabor about. You will actually start moving toward what has you thriving and successful. Prosperity is a magnet  for success.

All you gotta do is let it be and let it be with you.