Truth, truth…. if I didn’t create this course, it would have killed me.

And by it…. if I am very honest… I would say … my guides, my soul, the universe, consciousness, the goddess (insert your favorite way of being in alignment here).

I am actually quite serious about this.

Right now, on this planet there are NOT enough people connecting to their hearts.

People are dissociated in their mind wanting to be liked and make money through social media.

Influencers whose lives are crumbling inside.

Amazing mothers, wives, and teachers who just know something isn’t aligned in their life and -

Quite honestly don’t know what to do next.

Because there is an evolution happening on the collective on the planet and you are seeing it play out everywhere.

Drama, noise, attack, repeat. it’s very loud.

And most of it is recycled and triggered victim consciousness that is coming up to…


Return us to a higher love.

So while I wanted to release a course on cosmic multi orgasmic profit prosperity pleasure play et.

I was told, quite bluntly that this was actually what was needed.

We are all trying to jump somewhere without getting centered into our heart and essence.

Action without a deep sense of peace will create chaos and doubt in your system.

And truly no mindset program can unfuck you out of trying to bring logic to a panicked action (trust me, I’ve done it one too many times, I KNOW.)

So, actually this is a space to get real and peaceful in your body.

You don’t even know it but you have been running away from something for so long.

And I PROMISE you… though you don’t know it. It’s what is making things feel more difficult than they should be.

And on some level you know it.

This is the access to peace and flow. But first, you have to actually be here now, in the present moment.

Loving, aware, and centered.

I have actually been graced from receiving a transmission like this from a client. Because, with the heart there is no hierarchy.

Wisdom and wisdom and knowledge is knowledge.

You are this. You are love.

You are just not allowing yourself to be with the POWER of LOVE.

Love can move mountains.

Love created you.

Love is who you are.

Love is who you always will be.

When we act from fear and not trusting ourselves. WE LEARN.

But we also create messes… that are divine in their own right.

But now is the time to come back into right relation with yourself and the source of your own power.




With this as a foundation… you open up to a universe you have always dreamed of that is real.

Just watching from you to return to LOVE.

I love you all and I would be honored for you to take this journey with me.

To fly to the heavens, you must be grounded on earth.

And earth, is love.

So this is your return to love.

A peace declaration with yourself.

And I would be honored to facilitate that journey.

All my love,


When I asked my spirit how long this would take… I got 4 weeks.

All my courses work around the principle of 3 with a week of integration and celebration. This is a universal principle that our bodies enjoy. So why not just ride the wave of ease and the path of our innate nature.

Each week we will meet on a Zoom call, to facilitate intimacy.

The intention for each call is to drop you deeper into the heart.

Simplicity is mastery.

Arrive in the present moment.

See the perfection in your life as it is.

Be profoundly grateful and come into deep peace as to what is in alignment for you.

This work is a transmission. So it’s the words and the space that the words are coming from.

Essence (especially heart essence) transforms.

In ways that occur as miraculous, but truly are simply natural.

My intention is that you fully make peace with yourself during these weeks.

From that space you will begin to naturally know what actions to take. What to start doing.

And what to stop.


I am just giving you a space to release, to cry, to celebrate, to scream, to clear out, and to drop into the deep well OF LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

If you feel called to this space, and you are ready to just let yourself BE.

I would love to have you.

Due to the intimacy and attention to detail in the container the sacred exchange is reflected.

The sacred exchange is a function of my level of presence and focus on the space.

That concept may be new to you, and I hope you appreciate the wisdom and perspective.

4 weeks: $1,777.

The format: We will have 2 calls a week.

Monday will be content.

These will be vibrational transmissions. It’s basically the space where I hold you in complete love.

What people don’t get is this work is very simple. You just have to be in the presence of someone that loves you so fully.

(If you have been in any intimate relationship you will know that being fully penetrated by love brings up so much.)

So, essentially we are resetting your love template, your capacity to receive, and while it appears to be upleveling… you will be simply identifying all that is not love with you and your life.

BUT… the power of this is that it is SO MUCH easier to transmute and transform it in the space of someone who is not trying to fix you or change you.

(this again is a HUGE missing in a lot of personal development, pursuing goals without this foundation is never fully satisfying… also if I were to be honest, most people are not trained in this level of presence because of the inner work it requires. It requires and fullness and emptiness that … well, that’s a topic for another day!)

Friday will be reflection… places to share and be witnessed and heard (this is powerful, trust me).

Often time in courses there isn’t the space to just speak and actually communicate what is going on.

It’s a hugely overlooked piece because we are designed as HUMANS to share.

I will also place you all in a Voxer group chat. Or FB group. I can’t decide. We will figure out as a group what is best for you all.

This is a space to share your ah ha’s revelations between the calls.

I will NOT BE CHECKING IN ON THIS STREAM. In fact, I may not even add myself to it.

Here is why… you all are wise, I want you to know that. I am here to facilitate your transformation.

But you are all infinitely wise…. and self organizing. I don’t know how to explain it. But you will begin to see the power of self creation.

You will also see how you show up in groups. Don't make it wrong. But just notice.

It’s amazing.

If you are a heaven’s yes.

Or maybe just feel the pull and don’t know why…


Love is love and no rationality is required.