It doesn’t matter what you do, what you sell, or who you date and marry…. if it doesn’t feel you ‘why do it?’

This has been my motto my entire life, stubbornly so.

It wasn’t always. Long, long ago I was addicted to suffering.

I thought that by having something wrong with me, people would pity me and spend time on me.

And I thought that that attention meant they loved me.

But you know what… once the ‘injury’ ended… the attention did as well.

So, I kept creating unnecessary drama in order to get that ‘high’ of engagement I wanted from others.

I didn’t realize that all I wanted was to feel alive. To feel pleasure. To be turned on.

And yet, I was afraid of pleasure. Afraid of my power. And kinda shameful for it.

I discovered over the years, I wasn’t the only one that felt this way.

My creativity and sensuality had gotten twisted up in other meanings and well… I

Ok, I have been holding back a LONG TIME in releasing this course…

To long… if you ask me.

Wayyyy to long.

If you know me you know I talk about vaginas ALL THE TIME.

My pussy is my go-to for my embodied intuition and is spot on 99.9% of the time.

Here is the thing… this is my secret weapon.

This is my decision maker.

This is my divine inspiration.

This is the intelligence between my legs.

I’m sorry (but not sorry)... anything that has to do with rational thought only gets me so far….

It does not have me leap out of bed excited.

It does not have me want to masterbate to spreadsheets (awesome if that is your thing).

Ecstasy is creativity.

Sexuality is creativity.

Magnetism is creativity in motion.

I have been sitting on doing a course on The Alchemy of Ecstasy for awhile.

Essentially, just talking about vaginas and opening ourselves up to the creative capacity to receive that IS US.

I wanted to create a course called the Art of Erotic Profit…

So you know what… I finally did.

Here is the bootcamp version.

14 days. 2 weeks. All in.

I’m going to take you deep and fast and open your channels to receive.

This is about money, pleasure, romance, business, and everything.

Because pleasure opens up the floodgates to expansion.

This is actually my zone of genius.

And, I promise you.

It can yours as well.

We are all capable of opening to this. So let’s begin.

I’m limiting this round to 20 women. $333 pay in full.

You ready? Let’s play.

The format.

We will meet by zoom several times over the 14 days going into all areas required for you to open up to your maximum pleasure and possibility.

It’s time.

It’s now.

You in?