There is a field of unlimited possibility where you dwell, now.

It’s literally a split second away.

I want to take you there.

Simply, rapidly, enjoyably.


Invite you to play there.

For the rest of your life.

Sounds easy enough.

Look, I could make this so much more complicated, but that’s really what this space is.

To remind you of this field and HAVE YOU LIVE IN IT AS IT ALWAYS.

I mean, isn’t that what we really want anyways?

To play in the infinite unlimited field of all possibilities, forever.

So, I want to take you there.

And make this NO BIG DEAL.

You ready?

Let’s begin.


The intention of this course is simple, as well:

Liberate you.

To show you an interconnected world where space and matter and intention can be played with joyfully.

This is not a place you have to earn or to even work for.

It’s a space of awareness that is accessible to you, right now.

The purpose of this course is to guide you there so you can play.

So, yes, this course could be given in a 2 hour window. But I’m about application and results.

I want your problems to literally melt away. I want you to experience a wide open field to dance with your desires.

And make them real.

You ready to play?

It’s responsibility and grace in the highest regard.


So, why doesn’t everyone just live here?

Here is the unfortunate news.

(Stay with me, because just knowing and getting this will give you an ah ha moment!)

You have been programmed into belief systems, ways of thinking, addictions to things... your entire life.

you want freedom and libration.

And you really think that that is going to happen

when your bank account hits a certain number,

when you have met the life partner of your dreams (soul mate, twin flame, partner for life)

when your body and weight look a certain way....

Welcome love, you have been programmed.

You believe outside circumstances are going to yield the internal result - peace, flow, happiness.

When, love it’s the other way around.

But don’t get me wrong… this isn’t just some group where we all hold each others hands and say everything is going to be ok.

Look, this stuff…. you know. But do you really live by it? Do you feel this in your cells?

Do you have liberation beyond this - simply as a natural expression of who you are?

See… here is the impact.

We do these things to validate our worth, to belong, to look good and be approved of by others.

The thing is … everyone else is doing the same thing for the same reasons.

And yes, people may be getting results. What is important to me is, how is your lived moment to moment experience of your life.

Are you actually present and creating your life or simply checking social media and checking out the latest fashion trend?

Are you peaceful or just cramming in time to see your kids or grab that soul cycle class at the gym?

Are you meeting your numbers and quarterly goals, supporting clients, but not feeling that spark of excitement you used to have?

Does it feel like the reason you got into this entrepreneurial journey or relationship in the first place… has (gasp!) shifted?

So guess what?

Cosmic is about deprogramming you

(so you can stop trying the think and believe your way into positivity or do endless amounts of shadow processing)

and showing you how to create from ease and joy and play.

Kinda how this whole thing was designed to be.

We will not go into how this came to be (that is a story that can become a whole new rabbit whole).

It actually doesn’t matter how we got here, it’s actually decoding and deprogramming

where you are now and showing you how to (actually) design your life.

So, you in? 


You may be sitting here asking yourself, ok…

Joanna, but can you really deliver on such a promise as peace, flow, and happiness in such a short period of time.

Ummm….. yes and no. Look, no one can guarentee results,

but if you even apply a fraction of the wisdom given in this course,

I know there is a good chance, your life will change.

Because the central core of this course is being able to disconnect from habitual ways of being.

It’s seeing programs and beliefs as programs and allowing them to fade away.

Why? Because, under it, there is space and grace and more of your natural creativity and life force.

It takes sooooo much energy to uphold beliefs that don’t serve your expansion.

The thing is that we have gotten so used to doing it that we end up in burn out or exhaustion.

Proving ourselves worthy to an equally distracted world.

I get it - you want connection and presence, with yourself, your loved ones, your contributions, your community.

This is where the juice and joy of life comes from.

Quantity without quality is accumulation

- and that can get very busy and hallow after awhile (because novelty wears off).

Our consumer society tells us to buy more and more to be better and fix and change us.

We run after the next dopamine high.

Companies know this and use it all the time in advertising, pointing to your highest weakness and pain point.

I really think that it’s time we become more conscious consumers and more conscious creators.

When you see the game for what it is … you can actually walk away from it.

You can observe it and choose differently.

You can begin to create your own reality.


So why did I create this?

We live is in such a fast paced society where everyone wants exponential growth, quantum leaps, and to be a millionaire yesterday.

However, what few people remember and realize is that those benchmarks come as a natural consequence of consistent action.

Consistant expansive action.

So here is the thing I’ve seen (time afer time) from working with private clients.


It’s not about doing more. Many a time it is about eliminating all the noise from your life and focusing on what really matters.

Because comparison and competition take up a lot of bandwidth.

While they may provide motivation and action… if they tip over the point and become a battle for the best, you will get pulled out of enjoying your life and critiquing yourself against the highlight real of other people.

So, in many ways cosmic is a collective reset.


That is results oriented (don’t get me wrong).

And sometimes, like fung shui … it’s about organizing the right elements in the right place vs. doing more, better, faster.

And the secret… you naturally want to expand… and you naturally do expand.. but you get in the way if you are always attempting to fix and change and shame yourself.

My love, you can retire your personal development hat. Your diploma has be awarded to you.

You can actually now go on and just live your satisfied life.

Let me show you how.